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Plenty more cheat sheets are coming in the near future.


#1 – Affiliate Marketing for eBook Creators (PDF, $20)

If you’re an eBook creator who wants to make use of affiliate marketing to help sell your titles, this quick guide walks you through every single step needed to accomplish this. Fully illustrated.

#2 Р Autoresponders for eBook Creators (PDF, $20)

A step-by-step guide to creating a completely automated contact series of emails for your readers. Fully illustrated.

#3 – Blogging for eBook Creators (PDF, $0 – FREE)

#4 – Keyword Research for eBook Creators (Already available – please scroll down to grab your copy – $0 – FREE!)

#5 – Preparing to Create Your eBook (PDF $10)

20 things you must know before you start writing. Fully Illustrated.

#6 – Marketing Plan for eBook Creators (PDF – $20)

A complete marketing plan for eBook and other online content creators. Includes startup action lists, a long list of clickable resources, daily checklists for follow up, and much more. Fully illustrated.

#7 – Re-Purposing Content (PDF – $10)

Don’t think you need to re-create all that content from scratch, because chances are you’ve already written it. Learn how to create eBooks, audio products, video, and many other resource types from your own existing content – no more writing required! Fully illustrated.

#8 – Going from Print to eBook, and Vice-Versa (PDF – $10)

If you’re one of the many authors already in print who wants to get an eBook version of the eBook out there, or if you’ve got an eBook already up and selling but are thinking of adding print books to your products, this guide is for you. Just the bare facts are laid out, including costs, how to prepare your manuscript, and how to avoid the top 10 costly mistakes. Fully illustrated.

#9 – Article Marketing for eBook Creators (PDF – $0 – FREE!)

If you think all there is to article marketing is to put a few 300-word articles up on some indexing websites, you’re wrong. Use this guide to help you find ways to use your short articles to help push your content out to dozens of other outlets – creating many inroads back to you and your content. Fully illustrated.

#10 – eBooks for Lead Generation (PDF – $0 – FREE!)

Generating automated leads for your business is the #1 way to use an eBook. But there are right and wrong ways to do this. Discover some fast ways to get this working for you and your business, probably in just an afternoon at the computer. Then, use my top tips to take it up a notch, using the same basic methodology to filter clients, make strategic alliances, and more. Fully illustrated.

#11 – When to Sell and When to Give Away Your Content (PDF – $0 – FREE!)

Some might say, “Take the money and run!” But sometimes, giving away your eBook could lead to the best money you could ever make! Learn how to divide you and your business into one of these two camps, and quickly decide on a basic strategy. Avoid throwing away good money when you should be charging for it, but also learn how what I call “good karma marketing” can lead to the best revenue. Fully Illustrated.

#12 – eBooks as a Course or Educational Product (PDF – $20)

If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to teach classes without travelling, setup time, and figuring out how to handle the payment for all of that, get ready to relax. This eBook shows you two direct and easy ways to turn your content into an online class, without relying on expensive learning management systems or other fiddly technology. Fully illustrated.

#13 – How to Design a GREAT eBook Cover (PDF – $0 – FREE!)

Don’t let your eBook cover kill your book’s chances before the game even begins. Learn the basics of good design in a quick and easy guide, and use my walk-through method to design your own eBook cover, or work with a designer. Fully illustrated.

#14 – How To Create Your First Audio Product (PDF – $20)

Audiobooks make excellent companion products that you can use with your existing eBooks, or to create new content and products all on their own. With plenty of clickable links to various examples, learn how to create your very own audio product using equipment you probably already own, and free software. Fully illustrated.

#15 – Outlining for eBook Creators (PDF – $10)

Hate writing? Hate outlining even more? Save time and money using this proven system. Works for both fiction and non-fiction. Your outline will guide you through your entire writing process, and plays a huge part in the marketing of your eBook. This is the same system I was taught in university by my technical writing instructors more than 10 years ago. Fully illustrated.

#16 – How To Title Your eBook (PDF – $0 – FREE!)

Don’t make the fatal mistake of a bad title! Learn how to create and use a title that will not only get the attention of readers, but that will also work to improve the chances that your eBook will be discovered on Amazon Kindle. Learn the tricks that make any title a “good” or “bad” one, and when it’s time to break the rules. Fully illustrated.

#17 – How to Price Your eBook (PDF – $0 – FREE!)

The biggest mistake in the eBook business? Pricing. Pricing your eBook too low, or pricing it too high, can make a huge difference to sales volume, and not just cost you money by not charging enough. Use my system to figure out where your eBook lies on the “eBook pricing spectrum”, and avoid costly mistakes. Fully illustrated.

#18 – Intro to Shopping Carts for eBook Creators (PDF – $10)

This is always one of the top questions I get from clients – how do I sell my eBooks off my website? Use this easy step-by-step guide to set it up yourself, using one of my three favourite methods. Easy and simple, and fully-automated, too. Create your own “hands-free” sales system. Fully illustrated.

#19 – Creating Serialized or Modular Content (PDF – $0 – FREE)

Learn the secrets to creating content that keeps readers reading – for the long term. Use this eBook in conjunction with Cheat Sheets numbers 12, 10, and 2. Fully illustrated.

#20 – Intro to Social Media for eBook Creators (PDF – $10)

Sick of hearing about how authors need to “work” social media? This guide walks you through only that which you need to know, and nothing that you don’t. Simple and uncomplicated, this guide shows you some shortcuts that will allow you to make quick work of the social media you know you have to use, but perhaps dread doing. Simple and direct, with no fooling around. Fully illustrated.



Keyword Cheat Sheet - New and Revised EditionHere’s the new version of my Keyword Cheat Sheet – completely revised and updated! If you’ve downloaded this before, and there were some old links in it, please discard your old version for this one.

What will this eBook teach you?
In just a couple of hours, you’ll learn plenty about your virtual or real-world business.
– Learn if you’ve got a viable niche
– Find out who your competition is
– Discover what people are paying for other products in your niche
– Learn where your customers already hang out
– Figure out exactly what words and language to use to target customers very specifically

Order it FREE via e-Junkie: Add to Cart

(File udpated July 6, 2012, 1:17pm PST.)

PLUS, I’m working hard to complete revisions on all my other cheat sheets that I’ve used with clients for years – can you believe there were OVER 30 of them? When all of them have been revised and updated, I’ll be launching a devoted page where you can download them (some free, and some paid) for use with a variety of online marketing tasks.

Thanks to all of you have waited so patiently for this revision. I know it took me a while. You’re all awesome.